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Since 1995 Metanoa has provided customised services in the areas of Organizational Change, Leadership Development, Business Planning, People Management and Organizational Development and Culture. Programs promote real and sustainable change within the organisation ... Learn more

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    DOOR to Reflection
    This article uses Eugene's holiday in Fiji to illuminate on the four aspects of the DOOR model - Design, Operate, Observe and Reflect and its application to learning and change.

    The article is published within the February issue of the Training and Development Journal.. Read article
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    DOOR to Deep Learning
    This paper draws from Eugene's current doctoral research and was presented at the Deep Learning conference in the Greek Islands in 2009. The paper outlines a framework called the DOOR' which integrates action and reflection and through iterative cycles progressively deepens the learning. Read article
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    We get by with a little help from our friends
    In this article Eugene draws on current thinkin" from the field of epigenetics (new biology) and applies it to the field of training and OD- He states that ‘learning with and within a community of others guarantees us survival and as the new biology is teaching us – survival of the fittest groups rather than survival of the fittest individuals’.

    Source: Read Article
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    Does HR hold the key to business success?
    HR professionals need to be the conduit to link people, strategy and operations to drive business success. Read Eugene s article in BRW .
    CEOs spend an inordinate amount of resources on strategy and on the alignment of operations to strategy, but good ‘execution’ depends on the interrelationship between strategy, people and operations. However, CEOs encounter difficulties in attempting to align the processes involving people with strategy. Where do they go for help? – their HR professionals.
    Source: Read article
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    Science Philosophy and Leadership.
    Eugene looks at the relationship between Science, Philosophy and the need for Leaders to move from a linear myopic, cause and effect view to a more holistic and cyclical view that extends to a longer time horizon. This paper forms part of Eugene's Session on Strategic/Reflective thinking within Senior Leadership Programs.

    Source: Read Article

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We assist organisations to Design, Operate, Observe and Reflect (our DOOR® framework) on what they do to enable sustainablity, resiliance and growth ...

Custom Programs
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We work with a number of multinational, Mid-tier and Governments organisations such as Sun MicroSystems, Mars, Roche, The Guild, Thomas Cook, Cerebos, Ipsos and Bunnings ..

Public Programs
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We offer a number of programs in Leadership, Management, Change and Learning. Our programs offer an opportunity for Leaders and Managers to work collaboratively with our facilitators and with each other.

New Programs in 2013

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For more details on our program on successful teamwork please download here.
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For more more details on our program on Learning Architects please download here.
“Eugene's commitment and enthusiasm towards people supports his outstanding ability to inspire and motivate others to bring out the best in themselves He has an exceptional ability to intuitively understand a person after a very short period of time, and use his sharp intuition to focus you in the direction of positive change.

HIs programmes really help you make your own decisions about how to personally grow and develop.”

Mitch Glanville
General Sales Manager Mars

More Testimonials
We needed an experienced team builder that had at his disposal a range of frameworks and tools, as well as a style that crossed a wide range of personalities.  After meeting a large number of prospects, Eugene was the obvious stand-out for our team....."

Hugh Amoyal
Managing Director - Australia (Ipsos)

More Testimonials

TEFMA Testimonials
"I've been involved with the TEFMA Leadership Development for the Facilities Manager program run by Eugene from Metanoa for the past two years. The responses from the people who have completed the week long program has been astounding - akin to a religious awakening. The attendees have commented that they felt more comfortable and confident, and couldn't wait to get back to their institutions to implement the many things they had learned during the journey. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has a career in facilities management."

Dr Andrtew Smith
Director, Facilities and Services Group
Swinburne University of Technology

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